Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Daniel Kitson Shares Something with YOU

In an unexpected turn of events, Daniel Kitson has released his first collaboration with Gavin Osborn on the internet.  For people to buy.  Like right now.  Deep breaths.  I know.  Pretty unbelievable right.  Giddy with excitement I am (also I just turned into Yoda).  

There's MORE.  It has also been reported that he has has shaved his beard and hair off.  No word on his eyebrows.

Curiouser and curiouser.
I'm legitimately concerned.  Is this a cry for help?  Or just spring-cleaning come early?  The beginning of his transformation into Buddhist monk?  A cunning disguise?  Has he joined a swim team?  A barbershop appointment gone wildly awry?  Who is to say.

He also lost his notebook last week with his material for his show in it.  I really hope he has since found it.  There was a very good joke in there about breaking down fourth walls because they are expensive.

I would lose my mind if I lost any of my writing or journals.  I know I should just learn to live with loss but that frankly is bullshit.  I'm still sad my roommate in college lost my beautiful umbrella I bought on my first trip to London with my grandmother when I was a teenager.  It was my big splurge purchase on the trip (yes discuss amongst yourselves what teenage girl saves up all her money just to buy an umbrella).  To this day I mourn the loss of it (and hate that roommate).  I was taught a valuable lesson--I had to let go a bit and not hold on so tightly to things.  It also taught me to buy cheap umbrellas from that point onward.

In any event, I have not had a chance to listen to the Kitson-Osborn material.  Will report back when I do.  Until then, enjoy the day Daniel Kitson gave you something of his you could buy and keep.  Rare day indeed.

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