Monday, March 26, 2012

I Can Hear You Googlers: Stephen Oremus is Married

Not a photo of their wedding
For some reason the most popular search that leads to my blog is "Stephen Oremus Married."  I am the first hit on google for this...which is a little crazy.   But in my series where I answer weird google queries I will answer this one...

Stephen Oremus IS Justin Bohon.  See a photo of the adorable couple here.  Justin is in the ensemble of Book of Mormon.  Stephen is the music director, vocal director and co-orchestrator for Book of Mormon (and a Tony and Grammy award winner...on his way to an EGOT).

According to the Wedding Channel, they got married on September 12, 2011.

Oremus mentioned their wedding at the American Songbook concert he did with Gavin Creel at the Allen Room.  Because I reviewed that show I expect that is why I keep getting this traffic.  I just can't believe Google thinks I am the most relevant authority on the subject.

I had no idea how popular a query it would be because at least once a week a couple of people google it!

I feel bad crushing your dreams boys (and well girls I'm not sure you were ever in the running) but in the interest of answering the Googlers questions I had to do it.  That wedding ship has sailed...


Much happiness to the lovely couple.

xoxo MB

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