Monday, April 2, 2012

Daniel Kitson: Under the Stars

Daniel Kitson will be doing a show with Gavin Osborn at the Open Air Theatre in Regent's Park this summer on July 22nd. It will be half stand-up (Where Once Was Wonder) and half story-show.  Tickets go on sale tomorrow (or if you become a member you can buy tickets in advance).

I'm DEVASTATED that the show will be on one week before I arrive to London.  I assume it is the universe telling me to chill the fuck out with this Kitson nonsense and learn to live with disappointment.  Point taken universe.  Though I might argue, universe, you've been selling this message to me for quite a while now and a little good fortune thrown my way would not kill anyone.  I mean unless someone steps in front of said good fortune as it is being thrown and it decapitates them or something...then that would be bad.

I am sure London a week later sans Kitson will be lovely.  Just significantly less funny. Le sigh. 

But I intend to see lots of good theater in August in London (and open to anyone's recommendations) far the plans include Matilda, Sweeney Todd, Posh (with Tom Mison!), Birthday, Long Day's Journey Into Night (my favorite play), Henry V, Richard III (with Mark Rylance).  Now that I write it all out, I realize I'm clearly being greedy demanding more from the universe at this point.  I'm very lucky indeed and have gotten far more than I deserve in 2012 already (Kitson-related and otherwise). 

But UK peeps should definitely buy tickets to this show if you can...I think Kitson under the stars would be delightful.

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