Monday, April 9, 2012

Gatz: The Bathroom Strategy

I forgot Gatz was going to wrap-up its run at The Public Theater in New York and head over to England.  So I thought I would do a quick post on how to best strategize your snacks, caffeine and liquid intake.*  You laugh.  But I made some crucial errors.  I don't want to you to do the same.  I'm going to drift into TMI territory but I am doing so to help all of you.  The things I do for the readership....

The structure of the show is:
ACT I: 2:00
15 minute intermission
ACT II: 1:15
75-90 minute dinner break (we started at 3pm, went to dinner at 6:30 and it started promptly up again at 8pm sharp)
ACT III: 1:30
15 minute intermission
ACT IV: 1:30

I don't know if the structure will be the same in London (I know they love a 20 minute interval over there).  But here's what I would recommend.


I ate my lunch a couple of hours before leaving and then ate a little something right before I went out the door.  BUT I failed to have a caffeinated beverage.  Definitely get some caffeine up front.  I was a little sleepy during the first two hours because of this crucial error.  Also you should pack a snack for this portion just in case.  I usually have a peanut M&M floating around my purse but NOT ON SATURDAY.  Epic fail on my part.  I'm a little embarrassed. But don't be like me.  You've been warned.


I grabbed a tea & chocolate bar during the first intermission and ACT II perked up considerably.  It was a nice combo actually and I enjoyed my warm beverage and candy bar.


I foolishly ordered a beer with dinner.  Bad move.  First, too much liquid and second, this required an upper (caffeine) after my downer (beer).   Don't get a beer.  Stick to caffeine.  Definitely take a bathroom break at dinner.  I tried to bring another beverage in for the second half and consumed too much liquid.


Bathroom break.  After all the liquid based mistakes I made at dinner this was a necessity and I possibly left my friend in the dust as I made a beeline for the ladies room.  As I left the ladies room there was quite a line.  So running was totally necessary and recommended.  I will take this awkward opportunity to thank The Public Theater for their new and improved bathrooms and the many stalls for the ladies.  

As an alternative, you could take a bathroom break at the first intermission if you pre-planned your snacks better than I did.  Learn from my mistakes.  Do as I say, not as I do.

This has been your guide to Gatz, uppers, downers, and candy.  By yours truly, Mildly Bitter.

*Thanks to @goldenavenger1 for suggesting this post.

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  1. I would like to strenuously underscore the recommendation of pre-show caffeine intake. I’m compelled to disagree with the counsel against alcohol with dinner though. Agreed beer is a bad choice, but a glass of wine or a highball is a necessity. Irish coffee might be the ideal choice.