Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Ogling the Newsies: For Journalism

Sometimes you find yourself at a well-known gay bar on a Monday night ogling Newsies. I mean someone has to, right?  They can't just ogle themselves--well they probably can.  But anyway, this is that kind of Newsies post. 

I went to Splash last night for their Musical Mondays event (a popular sing-along to musical theater video clips) where the cast of Newsies attended.  When we walked in, the entire room was singing along to One Day More with Nick Jonas's face projected on giant TV screens.  I noted that this was just like being in The Craptacular's livingroom only there were substantially more gay men present.

There was Newsies trivia and they gave away some Newsies prizes (including tickets to the show).  The trivia portion was emcee'd by cast members Ryan Steele and Tommy Bracco.

For those who could not make it (over 21 only I'm afraid) or had somewhere more reasonable to be at 10:30pm on a Monday night...Here is the cast of Newsies at Splash.

This is  provided to show off Tommy in his jeans. I mean this is Splash! Waiters were wearing only tightie whities (except that they were red).  You are welcome. 

Tommy Bracco looking quizzically adorbs! Ryan Steele beaming.
Ryan is very focused on the trivia question.  But I like that the trivia winner on the right seems very excited about his Newsie bag
First trivia contestant. First question: What year was the movie Newsies released?
Tried to get a little closer.
Although Tommy is blurry, Ryan looks perfect.

And the crowd goes WILD.

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