Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Daniel Kitson: Mr. DJ Put a Record On

Daniel Kitson has been hosting a radio show on Monday nights in the UK.  It streams live on the internet.  He schedules it for off-hours in the UK to yield a target audience of less than 20 but that means it is well-timed for listening in New York.  Should you wish to tune in to Resonance FM it plays at midnight GMT and 7pm Eastern on Mondays for the next six weeks. 

He's done two weeks of shows so far in what is expected to be an eight week run.  A radio listener has kindly cataloged the tracks from the first two weeks on Spotify though obscure things such as Elvis laughing at a back-up singer and cricket commentary about getting a leg over will not likely be there.  And really there is no substitute for listening live.   I know people have been down on tweet-seats as a concept but it has been fun to live-tweet the radio show and encounter various people listening all over the world. 

Known for his love of lyrically ambitious indie pop he's been mixing things up quite a bit in these broadcasts.  Usual suspects and Kitson favorites such as Darren Hanlon, Withered Hand and The Lucksmiths have turned up (you may recall the Hanlon track, All These Things, closing the show It's Always Right Now, Until It's Later and Scottish musician Withered Hand playing as you entered the theater).  He's also been playing a lot of LCD Soundsystem on the radio show which you may remember  was playing before his comedy show Where Once Was Wonder.

But for me the unexpected twist was how much he has played Sondheim tunes.  The first week he played two tracks from the West Side Story film soundtrack including Something's Coming and I Feel Pretty (good old Marni Nixon) and then Buddy's Blues from the recent Broadway production of Follies.  This week he played Officer Krupke from West Side Story as well as Now You Know from the original Broadway cast recording of Merrily We Roll Along.  He encouraged his audience to check out the new production of Merrily at the Menier Chocolate Factory.

In his own words: "That's basically what I'm into: LCD Soundsystem and Stephen Sondheim." He jokingly called everything else "filler." 

Now you know.

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