Friday, July 12, 2013

Daniel Kitson in Manchester: New Theater Piece

As he promised earlier this year, Daniel Kitson will be bringing a new theater piece to the Royal Exchange Theatre in Manchester in September.  It has no title.  It is not yet entirely written. 

But tickets go on sale Monday July 15th.  Expect a scrum.

I don't think this is the same piece that will be coming to St. Ann's Warehouse in New York in November (since that is supposed to be a world premiere).  Have you become a member of St. Ann's yet?  Tickets will go on sale first to members whatever that show turns out to be. 

No word on London dates yet for After the Beginning.Before the End (full review here or shorter New York analysis here) or the possible return of As of 1.52pm.

But if you are seeing any of his shows at Latitude I expect a full report fans.  A FULL REPORT.  I'm eager to hear how the film version of It's Always Right Now, Until It's Later has turned out. 

UPDATE:  The new theater piece for Manchester got a Work-in-Progress debut at Latitude.  It sounds like it was in a very early stage and Kitson read out about a page.  According to The Telegraph it seems to involve a protester up a tree.  

UPDATE UPDATE: This is very exciting news. The show in Manchester is called "Tim Key and Daniel Kitson in a Tree."  It will be about "dissent,commitment, two people and a tree."  I'm so jealous that you all will get to see these two comic legends together in a show. Again I expect updates from all who see it. 

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