Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Analog.Ue at St. Ann's Warehouse

Daniel Kitson's previously announced fall theater piece now has a title and a description.

Called Analog.Ue  it is described as:

mess of cables. A mound of electronic junk. A single cassette player. And then —

Lights. Power Sockets. Audio Tape. Televisions. Vinyl. Neon Words. VCR Machines. Speaker cables. Amplifiers. At least one Ladder. Video Tape. Speakers. Super 8. Microphones. Projectors. And running.

Lots and lots of running.

Daniel Kitson returns to St Ann's with a new show about a pre-recorded story.
Since his recent sit-down stand-up show also played with a pre-recorded story I'm curious where this one is going.  Also, I'm a sucker for the analog in the world.

The show runs from November 22-December 21 and tickets are $25.  Member tickets are on sale now.  Public tickets go on sale September 17. 

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