Monday, September 16, 2013

Tree: Reviews Wrap-Up

Daniel Kitson's two-hander with Tim Key is currently playing at the Royal Exchange Theatre in Manchester.  It is not scheduled to tour so most people will have to settle for reading reviews of it.

Here is my review wrap-up:

John Murphy for Exeunt said "the show abounds with flights of fancy and bursts of whimsy, interspersed with poetic one-liners."  "The piece explores themes which Kitson has explored before – loneliness, commitment, isolation and the need to seize opportunities as they arise – all are riffed upon here. Kitson’s writing celebrates the little heroic details of day-to-day life...."

Jonathan Brown of The Independent said "Whilst in many ways the entire show is a slow build-up to a single – and very funny - punchline, the joy of the performance comes in the carefully paced journey towards it. It is a loving and playful exploration of language and the way we use it to temper the absurdities and mini-dramas of our lives.""[Kitson] clearly takes his art seriously and his audience treats him with similar reverence. Tree is a perfectly-formed piece of writing and a beautifully realised performance by two outstanding artists."

My review of Tree: "Tree is resplendent with quiet details, lovingly etched out."  "Tree requires a certain amount of focus and commitment on the part of the audience as the story unfolds with quiet simplicity, and you might think this is much ado about nothing, yet there is a sneaky undercurrent at play."

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