Sunday, July 6, 2014

Daniel Kitson's Edinburgh Shows 2014

For those not on the Daniel Kitson mailing list (what's wrong with you people), Kitson has announced some "shows" for Edinburgh 2014.  Yes just a couple of weeks before it starts and making it difficult for those of us who might need some lead time to reserve hotels, plane tickets, or time off work.  I'm not complaining.  No, I am.  But it's fine.  My life is already sort of a mess this summer so this is all keeping with a theme.

But if you are bound for Edinburgh, here's the most important show you can't get tickets to, to add to your schedules:

Edinburgh 2014 at The Stand

August 3-12 at Midnight (as always, not Fridays and Saturdays)
A Variety of Things In A Room. – Daniel Kitson and Gavin Osborn.
Songs by Gavin, short stories, letters, maybe some film from Daniel.

August 13-24  (not Fridays and Saturdays)
Fuckstorm 3001 – Daniel Kitson , Alun Cochrane and Andy Zaltzman.
"Three men showing off and shouting over each other for around 90 minutes."
Rules for tickets to the shows at The Stand are very specific and aimed at keeping out the touts. 

For each show, 100 tickets will be sold in advance AND 40 tickets will be sold on the day of the show IN PERSON at the Stand at noon.  Limited to 4 tickets per person and NO PHYSICAL TICKETS so you have to show ID against a list with your name on it.  So only buy them if you are using them. 

Tickets on sale on July 9th at noon (I assume that's whatever the UK summer time zone is...I'm not looking it up.  You're an adult, use the internet.). [Revised link though I'm skeptical about it.]

London Previews at The Hob

Various dates in July.  Tickets are on sale Monday July 7th at noon.

Not sure if you've bought membership to The Stand you can get earlier access or what.  But you should be on their mailing list as they are making some info available tomorrow (Monday July 7).  This info could be the same info you've just received or new info.  Anyone's guess.

Happy Fringe Everyone!

P.S. You should also see Will Eno's great play Title and Deed playing at the Fringe this year. 

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