Sunday, December 7, 2014


I'm leaving London today. I feel like I've been away forever.  The world has been in an uproar and I haven't even had a TV to see it unfold.  And when things are happen at home, and I am away it always feels like a scene happening through frosted glass. 

Anyway, I was not away forever.  But others may disagree.  It was 17 days on the road. 2 countries, 2 continents, 3 airport lounges, 2 travel articles, 1 theater interview, 1 concert by an American band in England, endless walking sidewalks in airports, great friends, new neighborhoods, interesting theater, boring theater, theater in Turkish, American theater in England, American MUSICAL theater in England, one American celebrity, one British celebrity, a hostile cat, a confusing washing machine, a lot of converting Celsius to Fahrenheit, a lot of drizzle, 1 lost umbrella (RIP squirrel umbrella), 1 new umbrella (winter foxes), several wrong turns and fervent prayers to the transit gods, 1 episode of choosing the slow train over the fast train, a conversation with a Tanzanian lady named Florida on a train who was drinking a Carling out of a paper bag, 1 ride on a Night Bus, hearing the chimes of last call and wondering how anyone goes out in London, discovering a BAR inside a LIBRARY and realizing you can literally drink anywhere in England (just not late into the evening), 2 emergency peanut butter sandwiches, simits, biscuits, cookies, cake (mostly for dinner), 10,000 cups of tea, a lot of walking to find a poster tube, and a great appreciation for world travel (but also an appreciation of my home).

Glad to have this shared this trip with so many people.  Now to run for my flight before I miss it!


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