Monday, December 15, 2014

The Events: Casting Announced

Having seen David Greig's play about faith and violence in Edinburgh in 2013 I was curious how they would cast the play when it was scheduled to play New York Theatre Workshop.  Ramin Gray is directing the two-person play which also involves local community choirs and a musical director taking part in each show. 

Neve McIntosh will star as Claire .  She's a Scottish actress best known to me as Madame Vastra from the Doctor Who series and I saw her perform this role in Edinburgh.  Clifford Samuel, a British actor, will reprise his role of The Boy.  He played the part at the Young Vic and as the work has toured.

The play has been almost universally acclaimed but it was not something that affected me when I saw it.  And I know, heart of stone and all, but I found the structure and form of the play made it really hard for me to invest in the characters and the issues being addressed by the play.  I wasn't the only American who saw it and did not get why it was getting rave reviews.  I really wonder if we process our thoughts about violence, religion, and terror in slightly different ways....or maybe I'm just not the right person for this show or maybe I was festival'd out that day.

But don't let me talk you out of seeing it.  We don't really see a lot of plays dealing with this subject and the way in which it is dealt with here. I an eager to see the American reaction to this work when it opens in New York in February.  Tickets are on sale now.

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