Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Daniel Kitson: King of Contraryland

Sorry for all the Kitson posting this month...actually, fuck it, I am not sorry at all.

It has been a stellar month for Kitson news with the release of an audio recording, the debut of his new shaved head look, and the promise of maybe more material on the horizon.

Still waiting on some photo evidence of this new look. 

Daniel Kitson is off to Australia in March and April to tour around his new stand-up show Where Once Was Wonder.

He has advertised it as a  "new stand-up comedy show about impossibility, change, not joining in, love, haircuts, loneliness, courage, defiance, knowledge, despondency, cutting the head off a pig, meaning, tattoos, obscenity, opinions, truth and something a Spanish footballer once said."

Not quite a decapitated pig either.
 I liked the caveat to this description as well "Please Note: Other topics may be addressed in addition to or in place of the topics listed here."

I picture some irate customer demanding his money be returned because he was promised a story about a pig decapitation and instead he got some ramblings about defenestration and defenestration is CLEARLY not decapitation.  Or some hipster-ass whining that it didn't have enough meaning or truth. Lucky they included an advertising caveat. Good lawyering.

 But the best part of all of this is a very sly reference in the email mailing about the new show.  Kitson includes a reviewer quote to "promote" the show.

"The man is a charisma vaccum*" - The Village Voice

So why would he include this negative quote and why do I care? 

The full quote is " If Daniel Kitson approached you on the street or at a bar, you might be forgiven for edging away. Pudgy, slovenly, with a heavy beard and a slight mumble, the man is a charisma vacuum."  This is a quote by Alexis Soloski.  The same Alexis Soloski who pig-piling upon the John Lahr nonsense wrote a very silly blog post in the Guardian about Kitson's joke about punching critics at the show in Brooklyn.

Is there any wonder why I adore this man and his contrary nature?  This is a man who does not give a single fuck and how refreshing and delightful is that.

So tell all your friends in Australia to check out this show that will be full of something, possibly pig decapitation.**  If you're not willing to fly half-way around the world to see it, he will also be taking the show to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in August.  I will actually be in the UK in August where I will be catsitting for the Olympics. Yes, I will be the sitting on all the Olympic cats.  So keep your fingers crossed that I can get tickets to it in Edinburgh. 

*This was misspelled in the email but I am not sure if that was intentional. 

**I heard bits of the decapitation story and it was pretty great so I hope it does get included.


  1. I've been lucky enough to see one of the 'Work in Progress' performances at The Hob in SE London abd can confirm that the formerly hirsute Kitson is currently devoid of both beard and, for want of a better phrase, upper head hair.
    Something of a startling appearance even to those of us who witnessed a previous de-bearded Kitson but a look who's reason becomes apparent as the show , still in a somewhat rough form, unfolds.
    Hope to see the polished (?) article in Edinburgh too.
    If not mentioned in previous bllogs can I also recommend to you and your readership a visit to his new page on bandcamp and the utterly wonderful Ballad of Roger & Grace performed in conjunction with singer songwriter Gavin Osborn

    1. Thanks for the feedback Paul! Curious what he says about the haircut in the show and how it relates to the material. I am thoroughly enjoying the Roger & Grace download! And thanks for thinking I have readership. I try. ;)