Friday, April 6, 2012

I Can Hear You Googlers: Photos of the "New" Daniel Kitson

I get an enormous amount of googling traffic looking for a photo of Daniel Kitson with his shaved head and shaved beard.  And why not.  It is a big deal if you happen to follow the work of Daniel Kitson.  I am curious to see how it plays into his new work Where Once Was Wonder where he ponders issues of his own identity.

I've finally seen prime photo evidence of Daniel Kitson's new look myself.  A few photos* have been circulating on twitter as well (see here and here).  The clearest surreptitious photo can be seen here.

UPDATE: Some additional photos were taken during his show at the Open Air Theatre at Regent's Park in Summer of 2012.  Some 2012 Edinburgh pictures as well. This one by Josie Long (heelarious in her own right) is remarkable for the serious lack of joy in the subject.

For those who have been wondering, Mr. Kitson has a very round head.  Like a perfect melon.  And in one photo I saw he was wearing really round glasses.  Basically, in my opinion, he looks like a handsome Dr. Bunsen Honeydew.  So if these photos are not guidance enough and you didn't get into any of his preview shows, or you are not seeing him do Where Once Was Wonder on his tour of the Antipodes and you are wondering what he looks like without hair and without a beard, just picture a human Dr. Bunsen Honeydew in your mind.

You are welcome.

*I will warn all paparazzi, Mr. Kitson specifically requests that he not be photographed during his shows.  I do not encourage anyone to violate that request.  I like that in the photos taken on the sly Kitson looks like a brightly glowing, round-headed hologram. One could argue that Kitson's talent burns so bright no iPhone can actually capture him.  I think the King of Contraryland might like that.   His awesomeness cannot be contained by mere pixels.

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