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Daniel Kitson on Tour 2013: UK Dates

Daniel Kitson sent a very newsy email out to his mailing list last week and the reason you have not heard from me about it is because it killed me. I died. I died, went to heaven and then asked to be sent back to earth because really I don't want to miss out on his new shows and I shall not let death stop me.  It took me a while to get back, from death, and write up a blog post.  But here you go...

The email has good news for those living in the UK, Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and New York.  Sorry the rest of the world you have been left out this time.

Daniel Kitson announced that he would "probably" be making three new shows in 2013. He is launching a new stand-up show called "After the Beginning. Before the End" which he will tour across the UK this spring and summer. It may have a run in New York and London in July.

He described it as "Something like a stand up show":

After the Beginning . Before the End
This is a very specific point in time.
I’ve been waiting to have the idea for this show for weeks, for months. A space held open in my head waiting for the idea. For months. I’ve done previews and I’ve booked the tour and I’ve stared at the internet and I’ve made chicken and I’ve tried not to worry. But the idea has not come and I have worried. I’ve worried and doubted and waited more and more and more. But then today, having dropped my dad off at the train station and met my friends for some coffee, Whilst driving home to write this (very overdue) brochure copy - dreading the thought of heaving half lies and optimistic promises into something vaguely intriguing but not developmentally restrictive - half way home, it happened. Somewhere between East London and South London - It arrived. The Idea. Just like that. Like a child, late home from school, oblivious to the worry and the panic and the phone calls. It just walked in and sat down like it wasn’t even a big deal. So now I’m typing this in my bedroom because the boy who lives next door is playing the James Bond theme on what I assume to be a trumpet.
And you have to trust me.
Two hours ago I didn’t have the idea. Now I do. And it’s going to be good.

In addition, he may bring back his Edinburgh theater show from 2012 As of 1.52pm GMT on Friday April 27th 2012, This Show Has No Title for a short run in London in the fall.  AND he is suggesting he will be bringing a new show to Manchester and New York in the fall--something about this makes me think it is a theater show.  He also mentioned an "old show" might be going to Dublin for a short run in September/October.

Here's the stand-up tour schedule as it stands now.  UPDATE April 25th:  Despite many shows being sold out, Daniel Kitson recommends calling the venues for returns and to see if other tickets will be released later.

(Please note ticket sales dates are in UK format 03/04 is April 3rd and not March 4th--felt I had to explain in case Americans or other backwards nations were trying to interpret this information)

March –2013
ADDED 20th – WIP The Stand Glasgow  (SOLD OUT) 
WIP March 11-16, 18, 19 at Battersea Arts Centre 9.30pm (SOLD OUT)
Melbourne WIP dates in Australia are listed on this Australia tour post. (SOLD OUT)

April –2013
Melbourne and Sydney WIP dates in Australia are listed on this Australia tour post. (SOLD OUT)

May –2013
WIP date for Perth  is listed on my Australia tour post.
6th WIP at The Hob London (2 shows) (Tickets available 26/4 at noon)
7th WIP at The Hob London (2 shows) (Tickets available 26/4 at noon)
8Th- Liverpool Playhouse - £10 (on sale 18/02/13 at 10am) (SOLD OUT)
9th– Leeds City Varieties - £10 (on sale 18/02/13 at 10am) (SOLD OUT)
11th– Brighton Theatre Royal - £10 (part of Brighton Festival.  Member tickets sold out but 80% of tickets to be released through general booking: Fri 8 Mar, 9am) (SOLD OUT)
12th– Belfast MAC -£10 (on sale 18/02/13 at 10am) (SOLD OUT.)
13th– Lancaster, Dukes Playhouse - £10 (on sale 18/02/13 at 10am) (SOLD OUT)
14th– Manchester Royal Exchange - £12 (on sale 18/02/13 at 10am) (SOLD OUT)
18th– Aldershot, West End Centre - £10 (on sale 18/02/13 at 10am) (SOLD OUT)
19th– Nottingham Playhouse - £10 (on sale 18/02/13 at 10am) (SOLD OUT)
20th– Bristol, Tobacco Factory - £10 (on sale 03/04/13)  (SOLD OUT) (Priority for Daniel Kitson mailing list (a password is needed and you must be on the mailing list to get it), TFT Fans and Business Club members: Wed 3 April, General on sale: Fri 05 April)
22nd– Durham, Gala - £10 (on sale 18/02/13 at 10am) (SOLD OUT)
23rd– Scarborough, Stephen Joseph Theatre £10 (On sale now) (SOLD OUT)
25th– Edinburgh, Lyceum – £10 (on sale 18/02/13 at 10am) (SOLD OUT)
26th– Coventry, Warwick Arts Centre - £10 (on sale 11/03/13) (SOLD OUT)
27th– Norwich, Arts Centre - £10 (on sale 18/02/13 at 10am) (Website says seated tickets have sold out. Please contact 01603 660352 for standing availability)
28th– Newbury, Corn exchange - £10 (on sale 4/03/13 – earlier to members) (TICKETS STILL AVAILABLE)
30th– Harrogate Theatre - £10 (on sale 18/02/13 at 10am) (SOLD OUT)
31st– Sheffield Lyceum - £10.50 (on sale 18/03/13) (Tickets will be on sale to Sheffield Theatre members 16th, Daniel Kitson mailing list members 18th by phone and in person only--NOT ONLINE (a secret phrase has been given to mailing list members to use for this), general sale 23rd) (SOLD OUT)

June –2013
2nd– Cambridge Junction - £10 (on sale 18/02/13 at 10am) (SOLD OUT)
3rd– Cardiff - £11.50 (on sale 18/02/13 at 10am) (SOLD OUT)
5th– Lincoln Performing Arts Centre - £10 (on sale 18/02/13 at 10am) (TICKETS STILL AVAILABLE)
8th– Oslo, Park Theatre (Parkteatret) – NOK130 (On sale now) (TICKETS STILL AVAILABLE)
9th– Oxford Playhouse - £12 (on sale 25/02/13) (SOLD OUT)
10th– Taunton – TBC (Sadly the Taunton Brewhouse has closed and the show is cancelled)
11th– Leicester – Just the Tonic £10 (on sale 18/02/13 at 10am) (SOLD OUT, Says contact the box office)
12th– Birmingham, MAC – £10 (on sale 18/02/13 at 10am) (SOLD OUT)
14th– Hull Truck Theatre - £10 (on sale 26/02/13) (SOLD OUT)
17th– Glasgow, The Arches - £10 (on sale 18/02/13 at 10am) (SOLD OUT)
ADDED 18th– Exeter Phoenix (replacement gig for Taunton) (SOLD OUT)

19th– Colchester Arts Centre - £10 (on sale 18/02/13 at 10am) (SOLD OUT)
20th– Margate Theatre Royal - £10 (on sale 18/02/13 at 10am) (Call box office for tickets)
24th– Amsterdam, Toomler – E12.00 (Can still reserve or at least I think so based on my non-existent understanding of Dutch) (Email  )
26th– Hebden Bridge Picture House -£10 (on sale Fri March 1, 9am)(SOLD OUT)
ADDED 27th– Galway, Roisin Dubh – E12.00  (On sale 01/03/13) (SOLD OUT)

London– July 24-25, July 27-31.  See more info here.
New York – July 7-13.  See more info here.

Please note that tickets sold by touts may not be valid at the venues.  And of course there are other reasons not to pay money to touts as Mr. Kitson himself says "If you buy those tickets not only are you being swizzled but you are giving money to criminals in all but law. None of the money goes to the venue or to me (your hero king) it all goes to some avaricious fuckmonkey who has signed up to the mailing list of a performer they have no interest in seeing for the sole purpose of stealing tickets from people who would love to see the show and then profiting from my work and your adorable eagerness. I know there are various market minded justification for this - but frankly, they can all go fuck themselves into a ditch." 
He will be doing some work in progress shows in Australia in Melbourne (at the Tuxedo Cat during the Melbourne International Comedy Festival), Sydney (Comedy festival) and Perth (Comedy festival).  And maybe a night in Darwin.  Sadly nothing for my friends in Brisbane. 

Notably he says he is probably not going to be in Edinburgh for the festival.

Since I was going to be in London in June for some theater I thought I'd try to get tickets to the tour.  I got up at 4:30am NY time ON A HOLIDAY to buy tickets yesterday.  I managed to score tickets to Cambridge and Cardiff.  So say hello if you happen to be at those shows.

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