Friday, July 13, 2012

Your Monthly Kitson Report: Previews, WIPs and New Material

Twitter follower @MrMattDG kindly pointed out to me that Daniel Kitson has some preview shows on the horizon.  Alas they are far from me...but perhaps closer to you. 

It looks like Mr. Kitson is going to be doing his new theater show "As of 1.52Pm GMT On Friday April 27th 2012, This Show Has Not Title"  at The Hob July 16, 23-26.  Tickets are on sale July 16 at The Invisible Dot.  He will then take it to the Traverse Theatre in Edinburgh August 7-26.  I've mentioned it before as the Show That Does Not Yet Exist.

He's also going to do a work in progress called Lucinda Ding and The Monstrous Thing with Gavin Osborne July 17-22 also at The Hob.  This is the "half story" he will be performing outdoors with Gavin at Regent's Park on July 22.  Tickets for the preview are on sale July 16 at The Invisible Dot.  And again Mr. Kitson reaches into his bag of tricks and pulls out a whole new show.  His creative well being a frickin' endless abyss.  Le sigh.  I can't even finish one supremely shitty screenplay and he's got 3 new shows this year.  No idea what this show is about though.  He says it's "an epic poem about a monster and a girl."  

Is this bronze cowboy the Monstrous Thing, Lucinda?
I can't help but think that "Lucinda Ding and The Monstrous Thing" sounds like some sort of Shel Silverstein poem (Sarah Cynthia Sylvia Stout Would Not Take the Garbage Out; I Cannot Go to School Today, Said little Peggy Ann McKay).  Just me?

If you happen to catch one of these shows, please tell me all about it!  Always love to hear how the shows are evolving and what sparkling gems are falling from Mr. Kitson's lips. 

I finally sorted out a very very very very short trip to Edinburgh (basically a two day trip--jet lag here I come) so I am happy to say I will be seeing Where Once Was Wonder and the Show That Does Not Yet Exist.  Only seeing them once even though I love repeat Kitson viewing.  12th of August please bring your A game Mr. Kitson.*

*I'm not sure he has a B game.  I've seen him perform quite ill and it was actually better than the times I saw him perform healthy...But that's not to say eat something dodgy just to make this more interesting. 

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