Misterman: Like Nothing I Have Ever Seen Before

Gospel According to Daniel: Five Reasons to See Daniel Kitson

Weekend of Regret: Krapp's Last Tape & Follies Revisited

Rodgers and Hammerstein's Cinderella: London Fringe Production

Richard II: Maybe I Don't Deserve Nice Things

Haunted Child: London Weekend

Bonnie & Clyde: That Wasn't Soooo Terrible

Maple and Vine: Imagined Life in 1955

The Blue Flower: It's Depressing So I Loved it

Seminar: Worshiping at the Altar of Alan Rickman

Sons of the Prophet: See I Like Stuff

Godspell: Prozac Jesus & the ADHD Apostles

An Evening with Patti and Mandy: Car Wreck Extraordinaire

Hugh Jackman: We're All His Lemmings

Private Lives: Where'd They Put the Funny

The Lyons: Two Shows in One

Applause: Too Much, Too Often, What Gives

King Lear: The Bathmat Production

The Tempest: Ralph Fiennes and his Penetrating Eyes

Ghost the Musical: Schmaltz on Stage Works

Grief: A Mike Leigh Play

Othello: Dominic West and his Pants Knob

One Man Two Guvnors: Manchester England England

Crazy For You: Suffering from a Lack of Colin Donnell